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Pics from 2019 Australia Trip, Part 2

Mar 06, 2019

Note from GKM Admin: Dr. Jones sent some more pictures from his trip in Australia that he wanted to be posted to the blog. These were sent through text, with his comments as well. More images will be posted as they are sent. Enjoy!


This is an early picture taken before our first meeting in Warrnambool on Norman's veranda. We had about 20 attend the meetings for 3 days. Everyone was on the same page, and we had a great time of fellowship.


This was taken on the way to Warrnambool.





The overlook is near town of Camperdown. The meeting picture is in a nice house with trees and a watered lawn. Fig tree in background.


Mount Elephant.


Going from Warrnambool to Melbourne, we drove thru Ballarat, where we saw Cardinal Pell's home church. He was just convicted of child molestation last Tuesday. Catholics put ribbons out to remember the victims and to mourn.



We continued to Bacchus Marsh to visit Norm's daughter, Catherine and family.


Here we are with Norm and Norma, our hosts in Warrnambool.


Norm and Norma


Darla poses outside Catherine's house on top of a mountain.


The house is a hundred years old but refurbished beautifully. It was cut in pieces from the city and hauled up the mountain piece by piece.

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