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From Australia, the meetings near Brisbane

Feb 24, 2019

We just completed three days of very good meetings in Australia, first in Warwick and then in the small community of Kalbar. We had 25 people attending regularly and have gotten to know them quite well.

Many of them did not know each other, so it was nice to see how they came to know each other so that we could be in unity for the spiritual work that needed to be done. This has been a good start to forming a fellowship of like-minded believers in this area between Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Warwick.

The first day (Friday) at Warwick, the main meetings (morning and evening) were held at the RSL Club, and in the afternoon we met at the Wesleyan chapel where Smith Wigglesworth had preached often in the early 1900's. This turned out to be a Divine Council meeting, which the Father assembled to proclaim the outpouring of the Spirit in Australia.

Saturday and Sunday we met at Kalbar all day, where I taught as usual. Sunday afternoon we took a trip to the top of a mountain at a place known as the Governors Chair. It was a rock above a cliff overlooking the valley. It was a spiritual stronghold from which the Spirit of Bloodthirstiness ruled that entire area, but God summoned him to the Divine Court where we brought judgment upon him and cleansed the land with communion.

Then in the evening, we came back to Mike's farm house and had a time of fellowship and supper.

Today (Monday) will be more informal, as some will be coming to the farm for further fellowship before we fly to Melbourne for the next part of our journey. Keep in mind that we are about 16 hours ahead of CST (Minneapolis time), so it is Monday here, while it is still Sunday afternoon back home.

The good news is that the world did not end Monday, so you who are back home can look forward to a good Monday.

The internet connection is sporadic here, but I hope to be able to post this for you. I had very little time to post weblogs over the week end because of all-day meetings and evening fellowships, and when I tried, the internet usually refused to cooperate. But we all feel like we have had a very successful trip so far and have accomplished a great deal in addition to teaching.

As for the teaching, it is very much like holding a week-end conference where I am the only speaker. I have had to teach about 8 hours a day formally, and then talk one-on-one in between sessions. It has put a little strain on my voice, but so far it has not been a problem.

I will try to post more from Warrnambool, my next stop.


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