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An Israeli Jew renounces Zionism

Aug 11, 2016

Here is a letter published by Michael Korn, who moved to Israel in 1983, got citizenship in 1985, found Jesus in 1999 and finally became disillusioned with the Zionists’ mistreatment of both Palestinians and Christians. He returned to the United States in 2005.


This process of disillusionment accelerated in 2005, when I worked as a security guard for Mikud Security in Jerusalem and saw on a daily basis how Arabs were mistreated by Israeli authorities. I also perceived the impoverishment of the average Israeli citizen and recognized that s/he has much in common with the Palestinian population, both of whom are oppressed and manipulated by their respective power elites who profit by perpetuating conflict, war, and misery.

I tried to join various Messianic organizations in Jerusalem, such as King of Kings and Shemen Sasson, in 2005, but I found that virtually all of them identify with the racist and militaristic policies of the Israeli Government that I believe totally contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ, by perpetuating a climate of aggressive enmity against Arabs, both Moslem and Christian.

It is good to know that some Jews have come to understand the difference between true Christianity and Christian Zionism.

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