About Dr. Jones

About Dr. Jones


Dr. Stephen E. Jones was born in Marion, Indiana January 29, 1950. At the age of three, his parents went as missionaries to the Philippine Islands under the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and they spent a total of nine years in that far-off land. Upon returning to America, they lived in Minnesota, where Stephen finished high school and then went to St. Paul Bible College and the University of Minnesota, majoring in Philosophy and Humanities. He later received his masters degree and doctorate from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.


He met his wife-to-be, Darla, while attending St. Paul Bible College, and they were married in 1971. She, too, was from a minister's family, as her parents were in the ministry under the Christian and Missionary Alliance. They have six children, and as of the year 2003 they have four grandchildren with another on the way.

From 1975-1981 he worked as an assistant pastor for a small independent church in Phoenix, Arizona and then helped establish a church in New Mexico for a short time. However, a profound spiritual experience in 1982 changed his life, took him out of pastoral ministry, and the Spirit led him into the "wilderness" for a ten-year time of humbling and training in the principles of the divine law. In late 1990, when he finally concluded that God had no need of his services, and when he was content to just continue working in the secular field, then God called him back into the ministry full time.

Dr. Jones' most important writings came after God brought him back into the full-time ministry in 1991. It is here that all his earlier years of searching the Scriptures began to come into clear focus. He combines a knowledge of the Old and New Testaments with a personal revelation of God that began and developed during the "wilderness" period of his life, which he often refers to as God's True Bible College.

His first project in 1992 was to write Creation's Jubilee, an eye-opening study of what Acts 3:21 calls "the restoration of all things" (NASB). Others have written about this subject in the past, but no one in the past has approached it from the foundation of Moses' law of Jubilee.

The Jones Family Children
Left to Right: Joel, Jonathan, Ryan, Audra, Erin, Natasha

(Photo taken at Audra's wedding, in May 2009)

His next project was to write the book dealing with the laws of time called Secrets of Time. This is one of the most astounding books of all time, designed to show the sovereignty of God in history. When we see that all things in history occur on God's time cycles and judgment cycles, history suddenly comes alive. More importantly, we learn more about the way in which God thinks and views the world. Getting to know God better. That is the purpose of this book.

In 2001 Dr. Jones finished writing his third large book entitled The Laws of the Second Coming. This book deals with the second coming of Christ by teaching first about the feast days of Israel. The feast days are God's appointed times and prophesy of both the first and second coming of Christ. More than a book about Christ's coming, it is a book about the purpose of Christ's coming and its impact upon the world in the Age to come. It is as much a book on the second work of Christ. Even as His first work culminated at the Cross on that feast of Passover in Jerusalem, so also the second work of Christ is prophesied by the feast of Tabernacles. No one truly understands Christ's second coming without some comprehension of the feast of Tabernacles--and yet this feast seems to be practically unknown to many Bible teachers who write about the second coming.

In 2003 Dr. Jones finished his fourth large book entitled The Struggle for the Birthright. This book filled the natural gap left by the previous book, showing how the modern Israeli state is NOT what most Christians think it is. It is NOT the fulfillment of the prophecies of the regathered House of Israel, whose tribes were carried into Assyria from 745-721 B.C. Calling that modern state "Israel" is a clear case of mistaken identity, for it is only an attempt by Zionists to establish God's Kingdom by means of violence and apart from Jesus Christ. The story goes back to the conflict between Jacob and Esau, but this book traces the history of the birthright and the dominion mandate through history to the present time. The book is important in that it exposes the counterfeit Kingdom of God that was to become manifest before the REAL was established.

Christian believers will have a greater anointing in the next Age to extend the Kingdom of God into all the earth. Those who think they will be removed to heaven and will sit on a cloud unemployed for eternity are sadly mistaken. The Kingdom of God will grow from a stone to a mountain range and will fill the whole earth (Dan. 2:35). This will not happen by itself, but through the witness and teaching by Christians who know God and who have the anointing to bring world history to its historic climax--the seventh millennium, the great Sabbath of history. It is Dr. Jones' purpose to shed light on God's purposes for the earth, and the Christian's role and calling in the years to come.